Astrolux MF04 CW Review


The Astrolux MF04 (also known as Mateminco MT35 Plus) is a long-range search light that uses a single Cree XHP35-HI to achieve a maximun of 2416 meter throw. To reach its full potential, you would need 4 Sumsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh Unprotected Button Top 18650 Battery or similar.



The package arrived in a plastic bag with no additional padding.

Upon opening the Astrolux MF04 box, I quickly realized why it didn’t need additional padding. The MF04 was nested in multiple sheets of foam. Accessories slowly reveal themselves as you peel away the layers. Included with the MF04 are:

Package included:

1 x Astrolux MF04 XHP35-HI Searching LED Flashlight
2 x Spare waterproof O-rings
1 x Lanyard
1 x Strap
1 x User manual

Spare o-rings are always a plus since they wear out over time. To make them last longer, be sure to keep the threads greased using silicone-based lubricants such as the DQG Tiny Flashlight Silicone Grease.

The Strap is also a nice addition since the MF04 is one beefy flashlight and holding it in your hands for an extended period without the strap would not be convenient. The strap is adjustable and can be installed/removed easily thanks to the two lobster clasps.

If you don’t plan on using the strap, then the lanyard is highly recommended. The size and weight of the MF04 increases its chance of accidental drops.

Business End

The lens is a 3MM toughened, ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating. This is great for preventing scratches and for allowing as much light through as possible without any interference from scratches or impurities in the glass.

The reflector is not perfectly smooth, which probably affects the beam and spill. To make it more smooth would probably increase manufacturing cost, which would then be pass onto the retail price of the MF04. It’s probably not worth it to make it smoother than it is.

Unscrewing the head reveals a brass spring, which has a lower resistance than those found in cheaper flashlights that use stainless steel springs. Less resistance means that the LED can be pushed to perform at its maximum and or provide a slightly longer runtime.

Body & Tail

The body has nice knurling work that provide excellent grip and aesthetics. You can unscrew the body or the tail cap to reveal the battery cage, which holds 4×18650 batteries.

User Interface (UI)

From Off mode:

  1. First press = 15 lumens
  2. Second press = 350 lumens
  3. Third press = 1700 lumens
  4. Fourth press = 2700 lumens.
  5. Double press from off to go to 2700 lumens

From On position

  1. Single click goes through the first 4 modes.
  2. From any mode, triple press go into Strobe mode
  3. Single press form Strobe to go into SOS mode
  4. Hold button down to turn off

From Strobe mode

  1. Single click to go into SOS mode
  2. Single click from SOS mode to go into beacon (blinks every 3 seconds)
  3. Single click from beacon mode to turn off

Beamshots and videos


Astrolux FT03 (left) vs MF04 CW

Pros and Cons

Well constructedBalance issues when strap mounted.
Cheaper than alternativesNo batteries included
Includes strap, lanyardReflector isn't perfectly smooth, but improving this would probably increase cost
Brass contacts
Excellent throw


The Astrolux MF04 is an excellent thrower at a wallet-friendly price. The Cool White version is slightly brighter than the Neutral White version. If you were hoping that this light would be brighter, than consider the Astrolux MF04S, which is the newer, brighter version of the MF04, but with less throw. I would recommend the MF04 to anyone who needs a search light with an excellent throw (beam distance) and anyone who loves flashlights for a good price. Keep in mind that the Neutral White version is about 20% less bright than the Cool White version. Go forth and cut through the darkness!

Where to buy

For coupon and link to purchase the Astrolux MF04, visit


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