MecArmy X7S Multifunctional EDC Kit

MecArmy X7S is an everyday carry gadget that includes a mini keychain light, a capsule, and a lighter. You can take them apart and combine various parts to create different combos (flashlight + lighter, flashlight + capsule to store extra battery, longer flashlight in case the X2S flashlight and two capsules).

The X2S utilizes a CREE XP-G2 LED and a 10180 lithium ion battery to produce a max output of 130 lumens and a light temperature that’s slightly on the warm side and a beam distance of about 50 meters (@ half of a football field). For my test, I can see the light hitting trees around 46 meters away, but it’s dim. It’s more usable up to around 12 meters. There are two modes: low and high. The low mode is great for walking around in the dark to avoid blinding yourself when you first turn it on and to avoid disturbing others.

The lighter is tiny and it has a flint that generate a good amount of spark. I picked up a small canister of Zippo lighter fluid at Walmart for a few dollars. To refill the lighter, you hold onto the flint using your thumb and index finger and pull it out. Just be careful with the Zippo when adding enough fluid into the cotton wick. Mine was leaky, so please pour the fluid outside or over a sink.

All of the combos are water resistant thanks to the o-rings. This kit comes with 4 spare o-rings, 4 black covers and 1 steel ring that you can use to attach to your keychain.

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