Rovyvon A4 Titanium

Key chain flashlights should be durable since they will have to endure drops and scratches from hanging out with other keys on a key chain. The Rovyvon A4 is perfect for this application because it uses TC4 titanium, a metal alloy that resists corrosion and has good durability-to-weight ratio.

The Rovyvon A4 key chain flashlight comes in multiple options that will appeal to many flashlight fans:

Body Options:

  • Black Titanium
  • Natural Titanium

Emitter Options:

  • Cree XP-G3 (Cool White @ 6500K, max 550 lumens)
  • Nichia 219C (Warm White @ 4000K, CRI 90, max 380 lumens) . This option has moonlight mode.

Tritium Tube Options:

  • None for do-it-yourself work
  • Blue + Blue, Green + Green and Blue + Green


The Rovyvon A4 Titanium key chain flashlight is a very good looking key chain flashlight with good scratch resistance for normal use. However, it’s not completely scratch resistant since mine sustained scratches from rough handling. I managed to scratch it by inserting it into the included key ring, which has sharp rims. I also managed to scratch the body by pulling the pocket clip out quickly. The other issue I have with the A4 Cree XP-G3 version is the user interface: I’m forced to hit strobe mode when cycling through the modes. It would have been better to use 3 clicks to get to strobe, for example. The final issue I have with the A4 is the drastic step down from 550 lumens to 65 lumens. I think it would have been better if the step down were set to 200 since at 550 lumens, but 65 lumens is still usable.

The A4 is one beautiful keychain flashlight that handles keys just fine. No scratches from the keys or from dropping the A4 on asphalt and concrete a few times. Note that I could have been just lucky; the keys on the keychain could have cushioned the fall. The only scratches present are from the pocket clip :-). If you’re looking for a beautiful and durable keychain, then do consider the versatile Rovyvon A4 Ti. You can wear it around your neck, clip it in your pocket/cap/etc, or put it on your key chain. For me, I can live with the UI

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